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Walter Breeman

Walter Breeman (NCS ‘10) was transformed by the creative process he experienced as he helped to stage and produce theater productions while a student at North Country School.


After Walter's tragic death in 2014, Trustee Barry Breeman (2008 present) and his wife, Pam, determined to honor his memory by making a leadership gift to build The Walter Breeman Performing Arts Center. As parents of both Walter, an NCS Student, and daughter Marion, a Treetops Camper (CTT '10 - '13), Pam and Barry have experienced firsthand the transformative power of our arts programming.

Pam and Barry intend for the Walter Breeman Performing Arts Center to honor Walter's memory, while celebrating the many children who have likewise had life-changing experiences in the music and drama programs at Camp and School. As children take on lead roles, write and perform music, or design and build sets in this uplifting new building, they will make big discoveries about their talents and capabilities. After making do with performances in cramped spaces like the Quonset and the Pavilion, the staff and children of North Country School and Camp Treetops will be inspired by this stunning performing arts center. 

A welcoming, soaring, and light-filled building designed to blend in beautifully with our Adirondack home, the Walter Breeman Performing Arts Center will serve to underscore our institution's deep and longstanding commitment to the performing arts.

For the first time in our history, we will have studio and performance space equal to the talent and dedication appearing in our School and Camp productions. The structure will be a state-of-the-art building with plenty of room to hold productions, build sets, and allow children to flourish.

Please see the video below to hear the Breemans talk about their son Walter and his time at North Country School. The video further highlights their vision and leadership in this important institutional initiative.

This extraordinary facility will include:


  • 10,000 square feet of new programming space

  • Seating for 185

  • Energy net zero, certified Living Building design

  • Dedicated scene shop and design space

  • Music classroom and four music practice rooms

  • The "Heart Space," a stunning rounded lobby at the core of the building

Construction of this building will cost $6.2 million. Now that we have raised over half of the cost of this project, we are asking members of the Camp and School community to help us meet our fundraising goal. Naming opportunities are available.


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