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The Hike House is a crucial facilities update for Camp Treetops.  Over the years we have expanded the craft shop, pot shop, bathroom and shower facilities, and the Senior Camp Main House. This much needed larger facility will support the already expanding Camp Treetops trip program.

This rebuild of the Hike House, which will cost $550,000, will increase the footprint from its present 1,481 square feet to over 2,200 square feet. It also allows for the building to be brought up to code through correct egress, doorway sizing, and handicap accessible bathrooms. 

The CTT Hike House complex will have:

  • Gathering area for staff and campers to pack and prepare for trips

  • Laundry room

  • Multiple bathrooms

  • Equipment storage and repair

  • Dry storage for paper goods, song sheets, etc.

  • Staff room for writing reports, planning, and mail collecting

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